Improve the cost, quality, & availability of affordable housing.


Provide an infrastructure that allows owners, managers, lenders, and investors to securely share proprietary property performance and loan data.


There is no where else that the critical mass of data we collect is standardized, aggregated, and available for custom bench-marking and analysis via a patented online system.

Institute Background The Multifamily Housing Institute (MFHI) is a non-profit, research and education organization that was originally created in 1994 with the help of some of the industry's largest and most successful lenders, owners, managers, and investors. Our primary mission is to provide good, industry-wide information and standardized financing practices that could be used to promote a more efficient, liquid, stable financing and capital market for multifamily housing, including affordable housing. To that end, we are dedicated to helping centralize the collection and unbiased delivery of information and data services for the industry, promoting the creation and use of standards, and providing related educational services and conferences.  In addition, MFHI provides a non-partisan way for the regulators and congress to improve the transparency and oversight of the trillions of dollars invested or lent to this vital sector of the economy.
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