About the Institute

The Multifamily Housing Institute (MFHI), is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) research and educational organization whose members are dedicated to fostering a more liquid, efficient and stable market for debt and equity capital for multifamily housing, in particular affordable housing.

The Institute’s membership included many of the leading organizations and professionals in the multifamily housing industry — including property owners, lenders, managers, loan servicers, government agencies, industry associations, advisors, appraisers and members of academia. Founded in 1993, the Institute became affiliated with the Urban Land Institute in 1996.

Our primary mission was to provide good, industry-wide information and standardized financing practices that could be used to promote a more efficient, liquid, stable financing and capital market for multifamily housing, including affordable housing. To that end, we were dedicated to helping centralize the collection and unbiased delivery of information and data services for the industry, promoting the creation and use of standards, and providing related educational services and conferences.  In addition, MFHI provided a non-partisan way for the regulators and congress to improve the transparency and oversight of the trillions of dollars invested or lent to this vital sector of the economy.

To advance its mission, the Institute developed a groundbreaking database of multifamily properties and loans known as the Apartment Performance and Trends Data Source (AptData).  AptData was an internet based data warehouse containing property and loan performance information from over 400 organizations on about 25,000 properties containing over 3,000,000 units.  It was the largest and most comprehensive source of multifamily information ever collected, and was designed to allow data providers to confidentially share data on property rents, vacancies, income and expenses in real time.  It was modeled after what Smith Travel has done for the hotel industry and what ARINC/SABRE has done for the airline reservation systems.

Providing An Impartial Industry Forum

The Multifamily Housing Institute and its on-line database – AptData – provide members of the multifamily housing industry with an impartial and secure forum where they can share information about the performance of their properties and related mortgage loans. In addition, the Institute’s committees, conferences, and publications provide a focus for multifamily research relating to financial performance, economics, demographics, and affordable housing.

There are a couple reasons why our members and a number of other leading organizations in the industry agreed to pool their performance information, standardize it, and widely disseminate it through the Institute and AptData.

  • First, the entire industry benefits. Easy access to unbiased, timely, and consistent property and loan performance data helps reduce pricing uncertainties, lower financing costs and foster a more liquid, efficient and sustainable multifamily capital market, especially for subsidized or affordable housing.
  • Second, each participating organization benefits. AptData was created to address the primary weaknesses of the majority of other data services, including conveniently providing up-to-date, comprehensive, low-cost multifamily housing data. The data can be used for benchmarking, indexing, researching trends and defining industry “best practices” – all of which allow organizations to work smarter and make more profitable decisions.


AptData is overseen by the members of MFHI and reflects their unselfish commitment to create and maintain this very valuable shared industry resource. Through affiliations with various associations and their members, MFHI is dedicated to the wide dissemination of performance information in order to foster a more liquid, efficient and stable market for affordable multifamily financing and capital. In addition, it is working with members to find ways to use its infrastructure and technology resources to help smaller rental communities more cost effectively manage their properties and serve their residents. Members and data providers receive preferential pricing to access the service, as do community-based non-profit organizations.

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