First Round of Data Collection

In August 1997, we began collecting asset information from a large, diverse group of data contributors. We then significantly expanded our data collection efforts to include almost 400 organizations providing data on over 25,000 assets representing almost 3.5 million units. Prior to ceasing operations, the database covered 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Launch of AptData

On March 31, 1998 the service was launched on the Internet. Initially the Basic Online Service was originally only available for original members as repayment for the all support they gave the Institute, and then was opened to new members in 1999 — with continuing discounts for original members and preferred pricing for data providers. Custom Services were also available to members by contacting the Institute’s staff.

Research Committee Key Apartment Performance Indexes 
In June 1998, the Institute’s Research Committee began meeting to discuss establishing the industry’s first indexes of apartment performance. Over time, the indexes were planned to serve as widely recognized apartment market benchmarks.

Other Services
In addition to data services, the Institute is also worked with various members to find ways to use the Institute’s extensive investment in people, hardware, and software to solve variety of benchmarking, data analysis, and risk management needs. These range from helping create custom data collection or warehouses to integrating with property management and marketing systems.

Operations Suspended

Unfortunately, due to a disruption in half our funding from our primary sponsor -the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – during a HUD reorganization, and the resulting loss of on-going access to a quarter of our affordable housing data, MFHI was forced to suspend operation. As of January 2017, MFHI was reinstated by the IRS as a 501c3 and is working with prior and future members to resume operations and pursue its original mission.