You have two methods for using AptData. You either connect via the Internet to obtain property comps from the Basic Online Service or request a Custom Report from the Institute’s staff.

Basic Online Service

Get specific answers to specific questions about apartment performance

A loan originator or underwriter, an asset or property manager, a Wall Street bond trader, a researcher or public policy maker, or someone acquiring a property – all use AptData in different ways. Some use it to understand current income and expenses in given markets, or benchmark property performance against selected peers. While others use it to select markets or property types for investment, or evaluate risk for different portfolio mixes or financing structures.

For example, using a flexible internet based query tool, AptData users can get answers to questions like – What has been net income growth for non-subsidized properties in the Chicago MSA with 100+ units? Then, compare income growth in the city vs. the suburbs. Then, within each geographic sector, compare growth for properties in similar peer groups. Then compare these averages to “same store sale” trends. Then research Memphis, Seattle and Dallas.

We currently offer an easy to use, online query capability. It is a tool for running property and peer groups comps. Users will be able to do a variety of research and decision-support searches — slicing and dicing the data to define peer groups geographically, by property type, by financial characteristics, by age and other dimensions.

Beyond the Basics

Custom reports, enhanced services, indexes and benchmarks

To supplement the on-line facility, the Institute will create custom reports for members with special information needs. Then, after working with users of AptData for an initial period, the Institute intends to enhance the system with specific analytic products and services. As part of its service to the multifamily housing industry, the Institute will create indexes tracking specific aspects of property and financing performance. These will be published and disseminated along with quarterly and annual reports. In addition to data services, the Institute is also working with various members to find ways to use the Institute’s extensive investment in people, hardware, and software to solve various generic needs. These range from helping create custom data collection or warehouses to hosting their web sites and intranets.

Custom Analysis. The Institute’s staff is available to do specialized research using the system. You could, in essence, stand over our shoulders while we do complex queries, such as:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Data monetization
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Data enrichment services

Custom On-Line Service. Your organization may want to create customized reports with AptData for your employees, customers or associates to use. We will create and save these reports in the “Favorite Reports” area once the service is on the Web. Over time, these requests will likely inspire enhancements to the Basic Online Service.

Custom Datasets. Your organization can request downloads of “preaggregated” datasets and run your own analyses in-house. You could, for instance, request datasets for each MSA in the country, sliced and diced according to your own specifications. The reference book — Dollars and Cents of Multifamily Housing, originally created and co-published with ULI and the National Apartment Association — is an example of how a company or an association can use AptData to create additional member services and products.